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Papermill detection at industry scale used to be impossible. Then we created the Papermill Alarm.

Covered by Nature, Science, and The Wall Street Journal, the Papermill Alarm is the world’s leading papermill detection tool. Our long experience gives us the strongest evidence-base for detection in our unique data resources.

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Our industry-leading tools find patterns consistent with papermilling in 98.9% of the Hindawi retractions

Flexible API

Positioned upstream in the peer-review process, the Papermill Alarm warns journal editors at the moment of submission. Our flexible API integrates with any peer-review platform and enables custom integrations by any publisher.

The Papermill Alarm cuts risk by flagging fraudulent research papers to editors.

Investigate the literature with our web application

Publishers can review trends at a journal and portfolio level and more.

Ad hoc analysis

Papermill problem? We’ve got you covered. We analyse your data to bring you unique insights and recommendations.

Due diligence

Expand your portfolio with confidence and peace of mind. We provide deep analysis of journals ahead of acquisition.

Our analysis routinely predicts journals on the Chinese Academy of Science’s Early Warning List.

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